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Long Beach, Ca.

Certified Lash Course

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Training for lash extensions typically involves learning the proper techniques for applying and removing lash extensions, as well as understanding the different types of lashes and styles. It may also cover safety and sanitation procedures, client consultation, and marketing your services. There are various training programs available, both online and in-person, offered by professional lash extension organizations or individual trainers. We also offer a direct access to the Lash Extension instructor with any questions you have in regards to issues or questions in your new venture. We Also offer a subscription for newer Lash Technicians to set up for a weekly call for any issues they are having. Either it be retention issues, client retention, forms, Issolation issues, ect. .contact us today.


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We offer support for those that are beginning their journey with lashes

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Weekly Calls

Perfect for beginning tech

Artificial Eyelashes

Training Services

Perfect For Lash Techs who need guidance 

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